From Spring Creek to Mongolia: The Minchers and V.E.T. Net


If you’ve been in and around Spring Creek in recent years, you’ve likely met (or heard about) The Minchers. Hillary is the granddaughter of long-time Spring Creek residents, Larry and Joan Cochran. In 2016, Hillary and her husband Michael embarked on an amazing journey to serve at the V.E.T. Net headquarters in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. V.E.T. Net, a network of veterinarians and educators, works to bring change to the people of Mongolia through the love and message of Jesus Christ.

In, 2019, the Minchers came back Stateside to deliver their first child, Michael Wayne, with full intentions of returning to Mongolia earlier this year. But The Lord and a global pandemic had other plans, and they found themselves back in the Spring Creek community for a while. During this time, they have continued to serve (albeit virtually) with the veterinary interns in Mongolia and continue to do His work through the V.E.T. Net program.

Olzeet Large Animal Clinic and Training Center

Today, the Minchers and the V.E.T. Net team are embarking on a mission to build a new large animal clinic and training center. As with any major endeavor, they could use your prayers as God works to help them fulfill their mission in Mongolia.

You can learn more about V.E.T. Net and the new facility here.

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