Gathering on solid ground

theledge sign
theledge sign

It strikes me that many of you may be wondering when The Ledge will be something more than a sign on
the street corner at Highways 152 and 70. I spent this past winter wondering the same thing – but am
now beginning to feel the tug of progress in small spasms of official correspondence. Seems we might
be getting ready to launch, but are anticipating a longer journey than we’d thought.

The first dove to land with an olive leaf in its mouth was approval from TDOT on the driveways we want to
put in. and we’d order the gravel but still haven’t heard from Madison County on approving the building
plans we’ve submitted, so the utility infrastructure is hard to nail down. Trusses and water fountains
and septic lines and the like … all the jots and tittles of commercial building code must be applied.

Meanwhile, the material supply lines are choking up and sub-contractors’ fulfillment times stretching
into 2022 and beyond. And as for anticipated material costs – well, you can probably imagine. The good
news is that there’s never been a better time to spend what money you can, as our dollars are sure to
be worth less in the months to come!

I have to tell you though, even with all the great flood of impediments I am encouraged. We have a
building plan that surely will receive official blessings eventually, and our financial picture is not bleak.
Someday in the foreseeable future, we will break ground and start building. I believe I can see the
rainbow from here.

In the meantime, we have begun to gather forces for the next things of Spring Creek TN – a Board of
Directors that are mobilized for action, and a host of community participants who can’t wait to enter the
new era of how it used to be. I hope you’re still a part of this team, and that we can gather on solid
ground very soon with the blessings and promises that reward faithful effort.

I am thankful for the opportunity to struggle each day in a good direction.

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