We are excited about breaking ground on The Ledge in July of 2021. This 2-story, 50′ x 50′ building will serve as a gathering place for the Spring Creek community. The plans below result from our exceptional contractors, architects, and engineers who have put a lot of work into designing The Ledge.

The Ledge Front Elevation approved

Front Elevation

The front of The Ledge includes a lower and upper deck where we anticipate a few rocking chairs and tables will provide a wonderful place to sit and visit. Outdoor ceiling fans on both the upper and lower areas will help keep you cool if the heat is too much.

To the right of the building is a stairway that provides access to the upper deck and entrance into the second story. To the left of the building is a ramp for wheelchair and handicap access to the lower front porch.

The front eve of the building will showcase the name “The Ledge,” which will sit atop cedar shake and have the ability to be lit at night.

The Ledge Back Elevation approved

Rear Elevation

Since the building sits on a slope, the rear of The Ledge has few unique features that will be very helpful as we plan events. First, the right side of the deck will sit high enough that small box trucks will have easy access to deliver large items, catering food, and other deliveries without having to lug it all through the central part of the building. Additionally, the tall crawl space will provide ample room for storing outdoor equipment, decorations, and other supplies.

The back porch provides even more space for gathering, again with ceiling fans to keep you cool in the summer months. An oversized door to the deck’s right leads into the kitchen for easy access to food, drinks, and restrooms.

The Ledge First Story approved e1627762455314

First Floor

As you walk through the main entrance from the front porch, you enter a vestibule. To the left is the men’s restroom and to the right is the women’s restroom. Each is equipped with a private handicap and standard toilet along with a dual vanity with sinks. When The Ledge hosts large outdoor events, the second doors of the vestibule can be locked to provide access to the restrooms while securing the main part of the building from unauthorized visitors.

Upon entering the main part of the first floor, there will be a few conversation areas with comfortable sofas and chairs. Retail space will be to the right side of the main area to accommodate the display and sale of local artist’s goods. The front corners of the building have large storage rooms where we will stash cleaning supplies, event decorations, paper goods, and other items.

In the back left of the room is a staircase that leads to the upper level. To the right of those stairs, you’ll notice a large open bar that looks into the commercial-grade kitchen. Barstools will be there for people to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee. In some cases, barstools will be removed to set up buffet-style food services for special events.

The Ledge Second Story approved 1

Second Floor

The second floor is more like a mezzanine at the theatre. A large walkway circles the entire upstairs and overlooks the first-floor main room. Coming up the interior stairs in the back left corner, you can easily access the two single unisex restrooms at each front corner of the building.

The second floor also contains two large offices. The Executive Director will use one of those offices while the other may be used by additional employees or rented out to a paying tenant.

Like the first floor, a vestibule leads to the outdoor upper balcony and exterior stairs. Within the vestibule are floor-to-ceiling drawers and cabinets for additional storage.