Welcome back to Spring Creek

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Welcome back to Spring Creek, even if this is a virtual tour for you! Wherever you’ve been and why-ever you’re turning your attention back to this small corner of West Tennessee, we’re happy to have you looking this way and hope to rekindle your sense of home among those of us who live here now. We think it’s time to put some brick and mortar – and a few new twists and turns – back into the neighborhood of many of our fondest memories.

Donna has introduced The Ledge very nicely in her August article, and we’re seeing some progress on the corporate organization even as we wait for actual construction to begin. First of all, The Ledge will belong to Spring Creek community and will be funded by a non-profit entity called Fly Away Home. (Not the movie … but a nod to my great-grandparents Danny and Mattie Fly and their children Oscar, JB, Hattie, and a little one named Edna who did not survive the yellow fever epidemic in the late 1800s.)

This non-profit organization will fund the building and development of a community center for Spring Creek called The Ledge, which will house a few of my very favorite enterprises – a coffee shop, a consignment store for local crafts, a venue for family and friends to gather for their special events, and an educational center for a program called Lost Arts Academy where crafters can share all the old skills with both parents and their children from all over Jackson.

Frankly, we have heard the many requests for a restaurant and certainly respect the strong desire for bologna in all its iterations, but we’ll start with coffee and crafts and see what happens with food prep. Anyway, these two entities will be run by a local Board of Directors which will manage contributions, income, management, and budget with their combined experience in business and civic organizations. In the coming days, we’ll introduce the Board to everyone on this website, and in the meantime, we are working on a database of all interested parties. If you want to get any notices we send out, please sign up at the site with your contact information. And tell your friends to join in too!

So … in these times and with the new normal and all in this together etc, allow me to voice my fervent hope that we’ll gather soon to share a hug, a cup of coffee, and some great ideas for a future together!

6 thoughts on “Welcome back to Spring Creek

  1. Joan says:

    My Email has been down, got it fixed. Enjoyed reading all about the Ledge. Donna you and Mary did a great job. My prayers are with you all. I know this is going to be a great thing for Spring Creek. Love and appreciate you so much.

  2. Robert James says:

    I’m excited for this venture and pray for great success ! We as people need to be drawn closer as neighbors and friends through a joint effort.

    • Donna Sudderth says:

      Very exciting, indeed! The Lord has definitely blessed this venture. We look forward to a community effort to get The Ledge built and begin wonderful community engagement. Thanks, Robert!

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